The next holiday

Next week, Monday to Thursday, Tanja and I will go for a short trip to Rome, Italy. Four days will not be enough for a thorough visit of the city but it was the only possibility that would fit

– the amount of time I can spare while preparing for my intermediate exam

– the amount of money I can spend right now.

We make use of the German national holiday (3rd of October: re-unification day; also known as de-unification day)  which means that we won’t be in Germany for this wildly celebrated event (with everybody staying at home being lazy).

Anyway: I have to  start my daily learning amount now.

Niklas and Erik: Think about when you want to come and visit me – but do not forget about your thesises (theses? thesi? … crap…)!

Katie: Good luck with your LSAT (Law School Admission Test??).

Laurence: Enjoy Chicago!

Leon: have a nice time with the Oktoberfest! I will visit it next year…
All the others: Have a good time and the next time you drink a beer think of me for some milliseconds.




Yesterday Laurence told me some Irish jokes via skype. I HAVE TO SHARE THEM!!


West Belfast: A gunman leaps on top of another man, puts a gun to his head and asks, “are you a Protestant or a Catholic”?…

The man doesn’t know what to say, so he says “I’m a Jew”

The gunman says, “Are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew?”…

The man says “Neither, I’m just a Jew!”

The gunman says, “Great, I’m the luckiest Arab in Belfast tonight!”


The Pope is visiting Ireland, and when he lands in Dublin, he is met by a chauffeur but he decides that he wants to drive, so he tells the driver, “Ireland is a safe country, so I want to drive.”

So they both get in the car and the Pope starts to drive at 150km/h.

They get pulled over by the police and the policeman radios into the police station. He tells the sergeant that he’s stopped someone for speeding but he doesn’t know whether to arrest him.

“Why?”, asks the sergeant.

“Well”, says the officer, “I think it might be God.”

“Why do you think that?”, asks the sergeant.

“Because he’s being driven by the Pope”, says the officer.


Mary O’Reilly goes to the priest after mass.

“Father”, she says, “I have terrible news…my husband has died.”

“I’m so sorry”, says the priest, “when did it happen?”

“last night”, Mary says.

“and what were his final words to ye?”

“well, Father…”, she says, “his final words were ‘Mary, will ye put that gun down?'”

Many thanks to Laurence for telling me those and to his parents for bringing him a book with Irish jokes from their Ireland holiday.

May I express one further thing: Erik, Katie, Niklas: why not update your blog – sometimes?


Aachen, Bonn and Aachen

three, two, one – it’s update time! Last week Tuesday I returned to Aachen. Finally! On Wednesday I left again to visit Tanja in Bonn (which is very close – just 1.5 hours by train) because it doesn’t really matter where I learn. Learning for the intermediate exam in English linguistics: that’s what I have to do and that’s what I should be doing right now instead of updating my blog. Anyway, we had quite a nice weekend (apart from the learning thing). We went to the cinema on Friday night, Saturday we went shopping and Sunday we had visitors from Bruxelles. Daniele (Italian) and Anne-Sophie (French), a couple that Tanja met during her Erasmus semester in Spain. We went to the Guggenheim exhibition that is temporarily in the art museum in Bonn. It was our lucky day. First, they wouldn’t let us in because we had brought our cameras. So we had to return to the coatroom to leave the cameras there. When we returned to the entrance, Daniele was unable to find his ticket. We returned to the counter where a friendly but slightly annoyed lady was nice enough to give him another ticket – without charging him again. Then we visited the exhibition, which was very nice. Cézanne, Picasso, Kandinsky, Monet, Van Gogh – it is quite a collection of modern art. After that we had coffee and headed to the city centre to have dinner. Just when we disembarked the metro we found out that we had forgotten the cameras in the museum’s coatroom. So we went back, got our cameras and headed to the city centre again. But that was it for the unpleasant incidents. We had really nice Chinese food on a boat on the Rhine (the Restaurant is the boat – or vice versa). Today I made my way to Aachen again. I emailed the other members of Prufrock (my band – you should know that) and we agreed to meet and make music together. I just returned from that event. We talked, had beer and made music. I FINALLY COULD TOUCH MY BASS GUITAR AGAIN!! HOORAY!! Here’s a picture of the baby: bass.JPG

A fact about the bass guitar: the same model (Ibanez BTB; just with 4 strings) is played by the bassist of the European-Song-Contest-winning band LORDI. Finland rocks! Yeah, it does!

More pictures of my room and the rest of the flat can be, by the way, found on flickr That must be enough for today. I’m tired, slightly drunk and my dinner was unhealthier than the famous Ulster fries: I had a burger with chips from a place in the Dutch tradition of deep frying. Cheerio! P.S.: If you are interested in pictures of electrical installation work: tell me and I can upload some to flickr. Including description in case you want to do some ‘do-it-yourself’.

Back to Aachen … soon.

The last weekend I spent in Bonn because I had to help Tanja move to another room (fortunately in the same house). I had my brother’s car (which was my car – oh the good old times…)with me and stuffed it with items that should make it to my room in Aachen.


This is it: the Toyota Corolla. I managed to get a mileage of 38 miles a gallon!!

So, Saturday we moved all Tanja’s belongings to the other room. Sunday her parents came with some extra furniture. After we had arranged the room completely we visited the “Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany). The exhibition is very detailed and there is plenty of artefacts from history. Very interesting. On of them is a handbook for American soldiers who went to occupy Germany after WW II. Almost funny.

On Monday I drove the car to Aachen to bring my belongings to my room. The city welcomed me warmly. I immediately found a place to park the car very close to the flat. Good. The machine where you have to purchase a admittance ticket for the parking lot was broken and parking was for free. Very good. On my short way to the flat I met a friend who is also studying Electrical Engineering to become a teacher. Now the day was already almost perfect. But when both my flatmates Bernhard and Manuela were at home and were happy to see me, I knew: It is about high time to move back to Aachen!

The morning was spent checking the mail of four months – quite a job… and fitting my room with books, posters; fitting my wardrobe with clothes etc. etc.

Then I met Jens and Matthias for lunch in the Mensa (subsidised student place to eat) and after that Jens and I set off for a difficult mission: Preparing a goodbye party for Jens (who will be in Cork for the next two semesters) and Matthias (Madrid for the same time span). The funny thing was the furtive talks to arrange that the two would get their goodbye presents without knowing about it.

The party in the evening was very nice. Tanja had arrived from Bonn and we had some nice chats with my friends from Aachen. Some of them I hadn’t seen for half a year and there were many things to tell. It was late that night…after cleaning everything up Jens, Matthias and me sat there chatting and drinking beer until 3 in the morning. (I will definitely miss the two!) Tanja had gone home earlier because we had to get up very early. The next morning I brought her to Bonn to work and I went to the Saarland for once more. A couple more days of work and then back to Aachen … soon.

Then I will put some pictures of our flat online – to show you what you can expect when you will visit me. And a picture of me with my new haircut. (short!)

Be excited!