too much?

Do I want to get too much out of my life? Too many activities?

Sometimes I feel like that. University with lectures and seminars, the work in the Fachschaft, an internship at a school, weekends spent with Tanja travelling around in Germany, band rehearsals… sometimes I get the feeling that the day should have more than 24 hours.

Coffee helps me on the way, but I suspect that a lack of sleep helped the strange sickness of the previous post on its way. Therefore I try to cut down my caffeine intake. A healthier diet would probably also help – I have bought fruit and wholemeal bread. But I just cannot cut down the amount of activity.

On the other hand I am (of course) quite unorganised. Therefore I waste time just doing unnecessary things; going to the supermarket twice because I have forgotten something important etc. etc. If I could tighten my daily routine I would certainly be able to save quite some time – which I could use for learning, cleaning, reading.

I’m wallowing in self-pity right now. (got that one from

And now comes the big BUT: (big butt? hmm…also nice, but I meant the conjunction but that indicates opposition) . Anyway: My life sucks, but…

…I will have visitors soon and I’m really, really looking forward to meeting them!! Erik, Matilda, Niklas and Laurence will come and visit Germany! And that is definitely not too much for me! Guys: I will always have time for you!!


…and now off to university.


le tired

The headache was just a prelude to a strange kind of illness I never experienced before. It was accompanied by diarrhoea and a profound tiredness. I have no idea what it was but it didn’t feel good.  I was able to sleep during daytime – absolutely untypical for me and – even more untypical – I had lost my appetite. But I have recovered sufficiently to look forward to a good night’s sleep and tomorrow I’ll be on top of the world again.

There have been no extravagant events in my life recently. University is quite okay because at the moment it is mainly attending lectures but not much more – although I should of course do more to avoid the “end-of-semester-panic-having-to-learn-nonstop-period”. But that is something I guess I’ll never be able to do.

Instead of learning I have finally finished The Informer by Sean O’Callaghan. A very thrilling autobiographic book about a life as an informer within the IRA. I’d say it’s a must for everyone interested in recent Irish history.  Today I have started another book about Ireland: Round Ireland With a Fridge by Tony Hawks. It’s a bit less serious and more funny than The Informer.

And now I’ll head for a small take away place round the corner to get myself a bottle of Malzbier.



Headache is pain in the ass. May be this is anatomically impossible, but it is the truth.

I can tell you.

And now I’ll lie down and sleep. Because I don’t want to take pills.


I am developing myself. Recently more and more aspects of misanthropology have been introduced into the network of values, experiences, ideas and points-of-view that make up my character.

Today a major contribution to this misanthropic attitude has been made by a student of English.

I was sitting in the lecture hall in one of the back rows. Behind me two male students were constantly chatting while I was interested in the topic dealt by the lecturer (American Literature; in this lecture it was Edgar Allan Poe). A girl sitting next to the chatting guys was as annoyed as I was by them and told them to shut up. They did for a moment just to go on a couple of minutes later in more hushed voices. Okay, after all it is thursday morning, and chatting students are not that unusual.

But here it comes: The lecture is over and one of the guys complains about the female student: her remark that he should “shut up” was unpolite”. I turned around and tried to tell him what in my opinion had been unpolite and he looked straight at me and said: “I haven’t asked you for your opinion and therefore refuse to talk to you.”


I am still outraged. Didn’t he come to university to learn something? Has nobody ever told him that talking during lectures is not only unpolite towards fellow students but also the lecturer? I doubt it.

Unfortunately, events like this occur more and more often. (Or am I more and more aware of them?). Many of the younger students in their first, second or third semester definitely lack a certain amount of maturity.


Puh, now I hope that I can calm down a little bit…