Merry Xmas

To all the readers of my blog:

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!!

Enjoy the days and recover for a  good start to the next year. So will I.




TSV Alemannia Aachen


Alemannia Aachen is the football (soccer) club of my city. This year they play in the Bundesliga (German Premier League) for the first time in 36 years. [TSV stands for “Turn- und Sportverein”, which is “gymnastics and sports club”].

And tonight they beat Bayern München (the football club which normal people hate becaue they shite money and buy all the good players) in the DFB-Pokal (comparable to FA-Cup) in an outstanding and thrilling match. The result was 4 – 2.

We watched it in a pub. I had several beers and now I am home, had fille käk and I can hear the fans singing outside… Nice.

I had to share this. Aachen kicked out Bayern München. Sorry Leon! (not really…)


They were in Germany! Erik, Matilda, Niklas and Laurence were here! Unfortunately they are back now, but what remains is a bunch of nice memories – and a couple of funny pictures.

Wednesday evening I picked them up from Frankfurt-Hahn airport (approx. as close to Frankfurt as Torp to Oslo) and brought them to my parent’s place in the Saarland. After a traditional dinner (Kartoffelsalat und Wiener, Kassler mit Sauerkraut und Püree) we had a couple of beers and then a night of sleep.

Thursday I showed them the Saarschleife and Burg Montclair; including nice walking in the forest on muddy paths. (I stepped into dog-poop as I found out later from the evil smell in the car).

Friday we visited Saarbrücken, the capital of the Saarland. First the Xmas market with a cup of Glühwein and lunch, after that the Staatstheater and then the Schloss (nota bene: there is a difference between “Burg” = defense castle and “Schloss” = fancy place to live in).  (between Xmas market and the Castle I managed to step into dog-poop again). Finally we visited the Saarland museum which has got departments on the castle, the Saarland in WW I, in WW II and from 1945 to 1959 when it was an independent country.

That evening Erik, Matilda and Niklas prepared a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner with Sill, Rödbedssalad, Johnsons Frestelse, Jul Hem with Mustard, potatoes and, and, and… As dessert we had Pepperkokar, mjuk pepperkokar, Knäck and Glögg. Don’t ask me how we were able to get  up from the table after that! (And don’t ask me if I have spelled all the Swedish dishes right – I know I haven’t!)

Saturday we packed everything into the Toyota and left towards Bonn where we met Tanja and walked the city a bit. Afterwards off to Aachen for a short visit of the Xmas market. Then dinner in my favourite student’s bistro and finally a couple of pints (i.e. 0.5 liters in Germany) in the Guinness House. To make the evening complete we had fille käk at home in the kitchen.

Sunday I drove them to the airport again (we almost ran out of fuel) – and they left, to return home safe.

Here is the opportunity to thank some people:

– Erik, Matilda, Niklas and Laurence for coming

– My parents for providing hopitality and infrastructure

– My brother for giving me his car for the time my visitors were here

– My flatmate Bernhard for offering his room as accomodation

– Coffee for helping me staying awake during the car rides (Erik, who doesn’t drink coffee, was asleep most of the time in the car).


And after these fancy days of fun reality slapped me hard in the face. But that’s another story…


In my last post I have already alluded to my many activities. The last week was mainly occupied with another favourite of mine: travelling.

I started on wednesday, leaving Aachen with destination of Trier to see the Wise Guys, a German a capella group. On the way I met with Tanja in Bonn and the rest we travelled the rest of the distance together. The concert was very good. They really know how to entertain their audience.  The same night Tanja and I had to return to Bonn (she had to work the following day) and to Aachen respectively (I had to attend a lecture in the morning). Fortunately I had my brother’s car at my disposal for the return trip.

On friday I had to return the car. I drove to Bonn first, picked Tanja up and we went to the Saarland.

Saturday morning my dad brought me to the train station and I travelled to Freiburg to visit friends. We had some nice Döner Kebab and afterwards we walked in the Black Forest and enjoyed the views and the nature. In the evening we had beer, home made food, more beer, some nice conversation and more beer. To round things, we went out to have some beer and finally we had another Döner Kebab. The next morning we breakfasted, talked and walked Freiburg – marvellous weather included. (Pictures soon on flickr).

Then I had – of course – to return to Aachen. When I had reached my room in Aachen, I did some quick calculations: all in all I had travelled a mere 1516 kilometers (946 miles) in 5 days.

But I can tell you: travelling really is investing in your education. I was very entertained during the concert and I was very happy to meet my old friends (from school times) again. This weekend was definitely a good opener for more “friend-meeting” in mid december!

Woof woof!