Cork and Shakespeare

Last week I was in Cork (you could probably guess that from my previous post…). I visited my friend Jens who is doing his ERASMUS year there. First thing we did: we went to the supermarket and bought meat and beer. Male. Afterwards we had a dinner of meat, beer and potatoes.

Thursday we visited the Beamish brewery. Beamish is (together with Murphy’s and Guinness) one of the biggest brewers of stout in Ireland. Really tasty stuff. For the entrance  fee of 5 € one pint was included. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the tour of the brewery (because of construction works) but fortunately the guide offered us a second pint for compensation. So we sat in a pub-like room in the brewery and enjoyed our pints together with a DVD presentation of the brewery and some quick explanations concerning  the ingredients and production of stout. When the guide left the room for a while we had a quick refill. Then Jens talked to him and went out with him to get some posters and we had another refill. And we were able to get another refill. (Good that we’d had a tasty full breakfast before…). Then we were filled up quite nicely…

Friday we went to Kinsale for the sea side. They have a nice fort there which we couldn’t see from the inside because we arrived too late. But it was nice  from the outside, too. Instead, we sat down and smoked a pipe while watching the sunset.

Saturday we did a bike trip to Blarney castle. I could borrow the bike of Jens’ flatmate  Denis (from the US). After a short while the bike trip changed to a hiking trip – I had managed to run the rear tyre flat. That saved us money, however, because we decided to walk through the woods instead of taking the road and we arrived in the backyard of Blarney Castle without having to pay the 7€ per capita entrance fee. When we wanted to return with the bus it was too full to fit the two of us and the bikes in. Therefore we decided to walk back home, which was accomplished after another two hours.

Sunday was the lazy day. We slept long and then walked a park close to the student halls. When we heard shouts and other  sport noises we had a closer look and discovered a pitch where a match of Gaelic football was played and another with a rugby match. Interesting to watch this in real life instead of TV-filtered.

Monday was travel back day. A week of fun and drinking ended. (I forgot to mention that there was not a single night in which we didn’t hit the pubs). The total amount of pints consumed by Jens and me during my stay was an estimated 32 pints each. Ireland really has an influence on drinking habits. But you know that, I assume. Pictures of the trip should soon be found on flickr – I just have to find a time slot when to upload them.

This week I started again on wednesday with the beginning of my research on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I’ll try to write something about a Nazi staging of Hamlet in which they reinterpreted the wavering Hamlet to an energetic, acting character. Between 6000 and 7000 words required….


I’m in Cork. And currently drunk. Definitely…

Two breweries on one day. First the Beamish brewery with free beer on tap. After that a small micro-brewery just brewing the beer for a single pub. Without the Ulster fry-style breakfast I wouldn’t have lasted long…

Everybody has to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer!


Sweet life…who needs success after all?

I definitely deserve my holidays  now!

Yesterday was the evil exam. I’m not too  sure  about the outcome, because I didn’t solve a single question thorouhgly. But not more of this!

Tomorrow  I’ll embark on a trip to Cork, Ireland to visit my friend Jens, who is doing his ERASMUS there. I’m pretty sure that the next week will be a good one. Unfortunately, this trip makes it impossible for me to take part in the Karneval/Fastnacht frenzy this weekend in Germany. But, never mind, you can’t have everything!

(quick aside: In the Köln-Aachen area the thing is called Karneval; in Mainz and in the Southwest (including the Saarland) it is called Fastnacht).

I hope you all enjoy your weekend as well!Am I right in assuming that I can give Ireland your regards? I will, anyway, and have a pint on each of you! (or two [or three…]).


 Thank you Laurence and Scholli for your weird habits! I found another one of mine: I often twist around intitial letters (taking a shower => shaking a tower etc.) which after a certain creates an annoyed environment.

5 weird habits

Tobias ( send me a (kind-of) chainmail with the request to list 5 weird habits.  I’m not sure which of my habits are the weirdest, but I’ll try…

1. I cannot sit still. Some part of my body is always moving, mostly in the rhythm of music that I’m either listening to or is just in my head.

2. I play “air-drums”. That means that I play imaginery drums with imaginary sticks. Very embarassing when somebody observes me doing it.

3. When I am on the road, i.e. walking outside I’m constantly singing or whistling.

4. I very often grab my balls. Mostly just a quick check through the trouser pocket. I don’t know why.

5. I tell things about myself that nobody actually wants to know or asked about. (see above; #4)

Now it is my turn to designate 5 people who then in turn have to share their 5 weird habits. Alright… Erik, Laurence, Scholli, Jens & Niklas will have to list their 5 weird habits. Those who have a blog can do it there (or not) and those who have not can just use the comment-option in this blog. Thereby they can acquire the right to pick five other people to do the “5 weird habits”.

I won’t be upset if somebody doesn’t do it.

But now I’ll have to see that I do more preparation for the evil Electrical Engineering (electrical and magnetic fields theory) exam!


I’m very much looking forward to my trip to Cork, Ireland, starting on Wednesday, 14th!!

oops – that was close…

I almost killed my blog. My little design extravaganza (which I did because I wanted to include the coat of arms of my favourite football/soccer club) very nearly made updating impossible – the theme I used doesn’t have a “sign in” button. But Tobias, my personal pc advisor councelled me via phone and now everything’s okay again.

I should be learning but my brain refuses more input.