I will soon (too soon) go offline. But this will be just the first in a row of major changes.

Monday, 23rd of April: Tanja and I will get the keys of our new apartment

Tuesday, 24th of April: Furniture (IKEA) will be delivered to the apartment

Thursday, 26th of April: I will rent a van and move my belongings from Aachen to Köln; then Tanja’s from Bonn to Köln.

Friday, 27th of April: My parents and brother will rent a van and bring a carful of other things (including oven, fridge and a table with chairs)

Saturday, 28th of April to Tuesday, 2nd of May: Tanja and I will, with the help of friends and families, try to assemble IKEA-furniture and furbish the apartment.

Wish me luck that everything goes smoothly!


This ambivalent feeling

Dear reader,

have you ever experienced this?

You observe somebody being owned. He or she has fallen down, being hit by something, stumbled or something alike. It is funny and you laugh – and at the same instance you feel very bad because the person probably got hurt…

and yet, it was funny

no, it wasn’t you pervert

and then you giggle a bit and feel bad – really strange.


Number one

Number two

Number three

I can tell you, I feel horrible to propagate this, but, for the sake of (insert whatever you like) it is funny…

Is that a defect in my character? Or do some of you feel the same way?

Bruxelles – Brussels – Brüssel

Last weekend Tanja and I visited Brussels. We stayed with friends of Tanja (Anne-Sophie and Daniel) whom she met during her Erasmus semester in Valencia.

Not only did we visit the Grand Place, the Manneken Pis, the Cathedral, the king’s residence  and many more in Brussels on Friday. We also went to Gent on Saturday where we saw the adoration of the lamb altar by the van Eyck brothers and later the old medieval castle. Gent is an extremely nice city. Saturday evening we went out and met other friends of Tanja (from Ireland) and Mike, the crazy Belgian (some of you know him) joined us as well. It was a quite cool linguistic night: Anne-Sophie is French, Daniel Italian, Tanja from Germany and because they met in Spain their common language is Spanish (which I understand somewhat but don’t speak); The rest of us talked in English, except when Mike talked to Anne-Sophie in French; the waiter (who was from Argentina) was completely confused after a while and addressed us in French, Spanish and English; and I personally have a hard time talking to Tanja in English – so I brought in a bit of German as well…

Sunday was EU-day. We walked through the quarter which houses the administration of the EU and I must admit, I found it quite awesome to see the very heart of the idea that made it possible for me to be a student in Belfast. As usually: pictures not here, but on

But there is more news. Prufrock is dead. We were thrown out of our rehearsal room and that was a good opportunity to talk about some things … and in the end we all decided that all three of us are too busy to really concentrate making music together. It was a bit sad…but anyway, it’s better to end it in agreement.

It is possible, however, that I can get another musical project off the ground. It’ll be just me and Lutz (a fine guitarist with a tenor voice) and we’ll probably do some covered rock songs. We’ll see…

Before that I have to cope with other problems connected with the flat in Cologne.

Salut, Adios, Bye, Tschüss!