My life is boring.
Well, actually, it’s not. Every day new challenges: all sorts of home improvement tasks; living in a new, large city (Germany’s fourth largest, actually, after Berlin, Hamburg and München) having to find new ways, to ask for directions, to find supermarkets, etc etc. Additionally there are still many things to be arranged (including internet connection…). Even everyday life is not everyday life yet.

Anyway, this is far away from boring.
On the other hand, however, when one compares this to the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, Elisabeth Swann and other Pirates of the Carribean, it seems pretty dull.
We watched the third part of Pirates of the Carribean (At world’s end) yesterday. Although I didn’t like the movie too much it did to me what many movies do to me: it left me with the feeling that I am unimportant and my life is pointless and boring. In movies everything is so perfect: the hero and the heroine do everything right, they love each other so truly and deeply, they fight the evil and win in the end. And what is it that I do? I just fight the evil guys from the Telekom company and in the end I lose…17 bucks a month. I didn’t even fight for a better world together with the protestors in Heiligendamm (G 8 meeting). Moreover, my life is far away from funny.

Ah, forget about it. Anyone who is prone to be slightly depressed at times will understand. Anybody else: go watch Pirates of the Carribean! It’s hilarious.