Uganda, Sweden and the issue of holidays

Today I received an email from your woman, Emma Williams, who is an editor of Schmap Guides. They obviously shortlisted the photograph of Delsjön I published with flickr for their guide of Gothenburg. I was rather pleased with my photographic abilities. 😉

What is more, it induced in me the desire to have a look at my photos of Gothenburg again and I became immensely sorry that I was unable to go there this summer. On the other hand, it also induced in me the excitement of the traveller because, as some of you may know already (or may have guessed from the headline), Tanja and I will travel to  Uganda for two weeks.

We have finished preparing everything, i.e. we have booked flights, obtained visas, received all the required  vaccinations, bought mosquito repellents etc etc. and now I’m really looking forward to visiting this country which is said to be among the most beautiful of Africa.

I’ll get to report after my return how it was and provide some photographs for you. Oh the joys of travelling! Indeed, travelling for me is something quite strange. I enjoy it immensely, once I am away, but as I am slightly afraid of flying and other travelling circumstances I don’t fancy it too much while still at home.  I always like returning… We’ll see how I liked it. I do NOT look forward to being forced to squeeze for 8 hours into an airplane…

In the time of my absence, my brother Leo and Matthias and Bettina will be moving their houses. I wish you all the best with your new apartments and that the moving may go well and undisturbed! Not to forget that you may find the new living circumstances pleasant and enjoyable!

One more thing of this not very well organized blog entry: I have submitted another review for klangbildner. About Flogging Molly. For your convenience (and to make klangbildner more widely known) I have included this link.

Thumbs up!