Pub crawl in the rural Southwest

I’m not awake yet…yesternight witnessed a major pub-crawl. For Xmas I returned to my native village and so did Andreas, an old friend of mine, and yesterday we met to talk about the good old times and the new times, to have some beer etc.

We started at his place with two cans of French beer and walked towards Lebach (in Landsweiler there was only one of the two pubs open and when we peered in we saw only three elderly men sitting there). Upon arrival in Lebach about 30 minutes later (I’d say it’s as far as from Elms village to Belfast city centre) we had Kebap. Then we visited the “Strandcafe”, the “Fatal”, the “Werkstatt”, the “Prestige” and finally we had another Kebap before we walked home. Maybe I forgot something in between. I didn’t forget that it was fun. It is always nice to see old friends and the pubs that I used to visit quite often, to meet people there who I saw last when we were at school together…and to see how the average age rises when two 27 and 28 year old people join a crowd of 16 to 20 year olds…

I’m looking forward to next year and the advent of the smoking ban in pubs!


criminal activities

First of all: Tanja and I are now the proud owners of a car. When my brother decided to go to university and become a student it became apparent that he couldn’t afford the Toyota anymore. So Tanja and I took it again. Of course it is of no use in the city but for our trips to the Saarland it is quite nice to have a car.

Anyway, yesterday Tanja and I had a day off and wanted to go and do Xmas shopping. When I left the house in the morning to buy “Brötchen” I noticed something unusual: the front number plate was missing! We had moved the car the day before yesterday and my first thought was that maybe we had hit something and lost it. So I went round the car and checked the back number plate: missing too! The next step was that, after breakfast, I called the police. They told me that somebody had, the previous night, put the number plate on a black BMW, driven to a gas station, refueled and driven away without paying. So far so good. I went to the police for an interview and to report my car’s lack of number plates. Then there were more problems: you cannot have your car parked without number plates because they show that it is registered and so on. So I had to get new ones. But, as the car was still registered in Trier where my brother lived until recently, only the car-registration office of Trier could have given me the old number plates back. The solution was to obtain new Köln number plates. But for that you need a certificate that you have a car insurance. So I had to obtain that first which I did yesterday afternoon. This morning then I went to the Cologne car-registration office, did all the required administrative things, bought new number plates etc. So now I am – again and officially acknowledged – proud owner of an 11 year old, 75 BHP Toyota Corolla with a mileage of about 140,000.

I hope the police gets the motherf***** who stole the damn things!

Final remark: On the one hand I am really angry for all the extra work I had to do: going to the Police, going to the car-registration office, fetching new number plates, having the parking admission changed etc. not to speak of the extra costs nobody will compensate for. On the other hand there is yet another hilarious story I can tell…which I have done just now.