People I meet on the street and other random facts…

Yesterday, when I arrived at Cologne main station and disembarked from the train, I was approached by a stranger who addressed me in English and asked me for directions to the nearest youth hostel. I showed him the way as good as I could and he told me that his name was Brian, he was from California, on a trip through Europe, he had lost his friends somewhere in the train in Belgium and he was stranded in Cologne. When the youth hostel didn’t have a place for him I did something I can still hardly believe: I invited him to stay at my place! Well, Tanja was on a business trip, so that was not a problem, but bringing a complete stranger to your flat? And he agreed, being glad he had found a place where to sleep in the night. (A bit strange for him, too, to walk with a complete stranger to an unknown apartment…)

Anyway, we talked a lot (or rather he talked a lot and I filled the gaps) about this and that (mainly politics, god and religion) and I tried my intercultural communication skills. It was kind of nice. We realised that we had some very different points-of-view but it was still kinda cool.

Today I walked him to the tourist information, recommended some places to visit in Cologne and bade him good bye. Really strange, you know. Even now I can hardly believe I really did that.

Anyway, I have a new favourite song: Amaranth by Nightwish.

And I have a job. At ABB‘s medium voltage switchgear factory in Ratingen near Düsseldorf. I’m sooooo looking forward to the engineering work in the high-power and high-voltage testing labs they have.

Last but not least: I’m looking forward to be visited by my favourite Swedish and English friends.

My life is AWESOME!