In Cre Dible

I can hardly believe it. USA Erklärt linked to my blog and therefore more people visited my blog in a single day than in the 6 months before…

It all began with a seminar in English didactics. I asked Mr. Stevenson whether I could use his post about Anglo-Saxon conversational behaviour for the preparation of a possible school lesson about intercultural communication. This is how Germany’s most important blogger (imho) got to know this blog – and that I’m interested in intercultural communication.

Today I was rewarded with a link. Fortunately I had quite recently extended my expertise in intercultural communication. Therefore this blog can now offer

first a (hopefully) quite entertaining short introduction to IC and second a (somewhat) scientific and lengthy essay about IC. It feels strange to have so many visitors here. In two point five previous years this blog had less than 4000 visitors – contrasting to about 700 only today!!

This will be, btw, be the last post until November because Tanja and I will embark to South-East-Asia next week. Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. I will report upon return.


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