The last post was dedicated to my sheer happiness about having finished my thesis.

This one is for all the people who helped me along.

My supervisors at the IFHT, the institute for high voltage technology, who were always there to answer my questions.
My colleagues at the IFHT, for a nice working atmosphere, for the fun we shared and for the exchange of tips and talks about our theses.
Helmut, from the institute’s workshop for always providing me with the much-needed testing material just in time.
Bernd, (thesis-wise my predecessor) who developed a method for measuring arcs which I found impossible to improve.

Matthias, for helping me in an amazing way with MatLab and providing valuable data-processing knowledge.

Jens, for the clarifying talks about self-blast circuit breakers and undefined potentials.

Andreas, for helping me getting some LaTeX issues sorted out.

My brother, for helping with all the other PC issues I faced.

Last, but not least:

Tanja, for being a great help to me at all times, for putting up with my bad moods and for always encouraging me to go on.


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