Posted by: kellermax | 29/06/2009

Big Changes

The last weeks were busy like hell but it finally paid off: Today I went to university to pick up my certificate. I am now officially a post-graduate human being.


Last week Thursday was the day of my final final-exam. Which I passed. And afterwards I rushed from Aachen to Köln and played a first gig with my new Irish Folk Band in a pub.


From left to right: Florian (banjo), Me (guitar & voice), Andreas (voice) and Simon (fiddle). It was so much fun to play for an audience again. The last time I played a real gig with a band was in September 2003. I managed to squeeze a complete university education between that gig and this one!

I am too, very proud to announce that from Wednesday, 1st of July, I am employed by the IFHT (Institute for High Voltage Technology) at my university. I am very grateful for this job offer because it makes my transition from student to worker very short and smooth. Nothing to compare with others who spend painful weeks or even months looking for a job (especially in these times with an economic crisis going on!)

Well, everything’s fine with me. I’m happy. Really happy. Five and a half years of education finally concluded.


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