Party Summer

This summer is amazing.

It started with a 50th birthday Tanja and I were invited to. The following weekends braught another birthday, a stag night (I’m going to be a best man,  so I co-organized it), a wedding in Leipzig, another wedding in the Saarland, another wedding in Cologne (that’s later today), and a 30th birthday and a 60th birthday are still ahead.

Fortunately, there is only one event each weekend. Otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted to now…

When I’m not partying I am busy working on the lecture for the next winter term. Work is great fun, my two collegues I share my office with are really nice chaps and I like them a lot. It is challenging, though, trying to compress such different and difficult engineering topics as electrical and magnetical fields, gas discharges, circuit breakers, cables and overland lines, substations and the like, into a coherent and short lecture. Well, we’ll soon see whether  I was fit for the task 😉

So it’s a quite busy summer for me. But I like it – although, admittedly, I’m looking forward to autumn. And anyway, I don’t even remember how it felt NOT to be busy. That’s life, I suppose. And as if it wasn’t already busy enough, I entered the engineering faculty’s football tournament as a goalkeeper for the team of my institute. It was great fun to play football again, but I’v gotten old…all major muscles hurt…

Goalkeeper MaxThat’s me btw, trying to save a penalty.